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The KEY to Forgiveness Solution Guided Imagery CD1 MP3 Download

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The "KEY" to Forgiveness Solution Guided Imagery
CD 1 © Philip. H. Friedman, Ph.D, 2011
Total of 57 minutes for 5 Powerful Healing Exercises

1. Relaxation and the Inner Sanctuary  You will easily relax with this breathing and guided imagery exercise that takes you into your inner sanctuary. You will feel a deep sense of inner peace.

2. Imagery of Seeds and Weeds:   You will learn to plant forgiveness seeds in your subconscious mind that begin to grow over time, even while you are unaware of it. 

3. Opening the Way for Change:  You will learn some powerful ways to open the way for change in forgiving yourself and others.  

4. Creating Well-Being Forgiveness Imagery   You will learn how to forgive others, how to ask for forgiveness from another person and how to forgive yourself. You will begin to experience a deeper sense of inner peace and a more profound love toward people.

5. Light Imagery Grateful Heart Technique (LIGHT)  You will experience gratitude for the positive experiences in your life, contact a compassionate inner teacher and learn how to forgive more easily.

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